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Doctor Practices Hypnosis by Phone

Dr. Dianne Ruth
phone hypnotherapist
December 21, 2014-

San Diego, CA – In an innovative approach to anxiety treatment using hypnotherapy, Dianne Ruth, PhD announced she is converting her practice entirely to a phone therapy model. Ruth reports many benefits as a result of this hypnosis over the phone method, including cost savings for patients and enhanced therapy effectiveness. In her established practice as a Doctor of Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Ruth is a multi-certified professional (she holds 24 certifications to date) focusing on anxiety care for patients suffering from panic disorders, phobias, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, acute stress and behavioral compulsions.

Ruth’s practice is unique in its deeply personal approach. Not only does she answer her own phones, she makes herself available to her clients directly and guarantees a completely confidential voicemail box. Having conquered a seven-year period of personal anxiety and panic disorders, Dr. Ruth’s story of living in “Anxiety Hell” is proof to her patients that she’s been in their shoes and knows how to surmount anxiety disorders first-hand. Her story is told on her website ( She has a 97% success rate in her practice using holistic counseling and life coaching methods, a significant increase over the success rate of 20% using traditional methods, as reported by the National Institute of Mental Health.

A hallmark of Dr. Ruth’s practice is her innovative use of hypnotherapy. Contrary to mainstream approaches using this method, Dr. Ruth holds that hypnotherapy conducted by phone is substantially more effective than in-person or in-office sessions. Research indicates that 97% of communication is non-verbal, with nearly half of all communication being accomplished without any visual input whatsoever. By removing the communication distractions inserted by body language, speaker’s appearance and the anxiety many patients feel during in-person sessions, Dr. Ruth is able to fine tune her therapy sessions into targeted, effective treatment.

Adept at paying close attention to voice nuances by phone, including energy level, pitch and tone, Dr. Ruth is able to deduce insightful information about her client’s status, condition and treatment progress. From the client’s perspective, many of Dr. Ruth’s clients report feeling less anxiety speaking by phone than through in-person treatment. This allows them to minimize embarrassment when speaking about sensitive topics and alleviate the anxiety that is a cornerstone of many of the conditions Dr. Ruth is treating.

For more information about Dr. Dianne Ruth and her innovative approach to hypnotherapy and life coaching for anxiety-related disorders, to schedule an introductory session, visit or call 619-961-7500.


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