Sunday, November 23, 2014

Why Notes and Lists Make You More Productive

November 23, 2014-

Ever feel like you are forgetting something? Do you spend your day trying to figure out what you should be working on next? If so, this article is for you! Learn how taking notes and making lists will make you and your team more productive.

Enjoy! Keith Bennitz

It is said that technology has made us more productive. That is allows us to do more in less time. The ability to do anything, anytime, from anywhere has actually made us less productive. Over the next three articles we will explore productivity as it relates to all aspects of life...professionally and personally. This time we begin with how old school to-do lists can be the number one means of staying on task. Don't overlook this technique because its "low-tech"or simplicity. It's the simplicity that will make productivity "sing"!

If the last time a note was taken was in college, it is time to readopt this habit. These notes can be electronic either in a Word document or using an app such as Evernote. These notes can then be used to create a lists, whether they be tasks for yourself or your team.

The benefits of notes are great and include:
  • Keeps details of a meeting, conversation or phone call that you may forget.
  • Reference materials.
  • Can be shared with colleagues and team members.
  • Best of all...relieves stress and makes you look good!
Lists are one of the best ways to stay productive. Many people find motivation in crossing off tasks on a list. No task is small enough for a list. By writing it all down and adding to it throughout the day, productivity will increase. The simple exercise of creating a list frees the mind and allows it to focus.

Lists are also great tools for planning and delegation. After the list is created, it is easier to see what tasks could be delegated to team members. Breaking up projects or tasks that are large and complex or less enjoyable to subordinate tasks reduces the urge to procrastinate. Sometimes harder tasks that are broken up are less daunting once a chunk is crossed off the list. This can create momentum that leads to great focus, productive and elimination of something that has been lingering on your list.

The key to lists is to update them often, especially if tasks have been delegated. Grab a notepad or open a new document and do a "brain dump"in the form of a list. Better yet, check out the Get It Done app. For $39 per year, you can organize your notes, projects and tasks. You can even delegate to team members. You will be amazed at how more productive you become. Next time we look at how multitasking is the enemy of productivity.

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