Thursday, October 30, 2014

Additional Controversy Surfaces from Notre Dame vs Florida State Showdown

October 30, 2014-

Diligent researcher brings new light to a sporting call that could possibly affect the final outcome of the national championship

The game between Notre Dame and Florida State is over. FSU has been declared the victor. However, a clearly unjust referees call helped the Florida State to win the game and the media fed the spreading the myth of it being “correct”.

A diligent researcher by the name of Scott Engler has revealed the truth with Zapruder-like video and using step by step still frames to met out significant detail.

Notre Dame's storied history is sprinkled with questionable calls over the years. This year's now-famous game adds to the lore with a game-ending call that saw Notre Dame putting points on the scoreboard, only to have them removed moments later by what proves to be an unjust referees call. The media, namely ESPN, has helped by creating a myth of correctness about the offensive pass interference penalty "that wasn’t".

This evident fact that could potentially change the outcome of the National Championship is revealed by Scott Engler, a fan of the game who uses video and stills that were not available to ESPN during the broadcast.

The facts show that Notre Dame's Prosise, instead of trying to rub off the defensive back, ran inside away from Notre Dame's wide receiver, Corey Robinson, and not just forward, and FSU's Jalen Ramsey blocked and jammed him. Ramsey grabbed Prosise’s jersey and yanked him forward and off balance, without being restricted for moving away from Robinson to jam the receivers of Notre Dame.

The back judge, threw a flag after Florida State blew their coverage and ignored the Florida State player’s clear penalty (for removing a helmet), when FSU's Williams took his helmet off in front of him. The series of errors continued when the same judge called the incomplete ‘’Everett Golson pass caught by a defender outside the back of the end zone an interception”, instead of a touchdown with a 15 yard penalty assessed at the kickoff, while the game had only 13 seconds remaining.

Now it's up to the NCAA Selection Committee to do their job.

“It's pretty clear that Notre Dame did what was necessary to win that game. They even put go-ahead points on the board. Notre Dame also physically dominated FSU throughout the game as well as statistically. I hope Notre Dame gets to face the ‘CrimiNOLES’ again in the playoffs, because the game will not likely be close. Notre Dame is likely to blow them out.” -- Dave Phillipson, Football Fan from Southern California & former Football Referee

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