Saturday, April 18, 2015

Five On Fifth: A Great New Property Investment Opportunity by Assured Property Investments

April 18, 2015-

Here’s great news for all those who are looking to invest in property. Assured Property Investments is proud to introduce its new development of affordable townhouses at the central location of 48 Fifth Avenue in Hamilton, New Zealand. These high quality townhouses available on such a central location could turn out to be the most profitable investment for those who want to invest in property.

This new investment property is ideally located in the suburb of Enderley, very close to Wairere Drive. It is a very easy commute to Te Rapa and also Waikato University and is just a five minutes drive to Hamilton CBD. These key points will ensure that this new property has high tenant demand in the future and will prove a great investment.

Construction of this high yielding investment property has already begun and will be completed during July 2015. This is a purpose built property which has been specifically designed and located centrally to attract a high quality of potential tenants.

Five on Fifth is the next big thing in property investment. So for all those who want to invest in high yielding properties as a financial security, this is a great opportunity to begin with.

About Assured Property Investments
Assured Property Investments was founded by John Kenel about 11 years ago. The company is based in Hamilton, New Zealand and is focused on developing high performance investment properties.

John is a passionate property investor and has more than 2 decades of experience in building and buying investment property. He believes that stable financial security can be achieved easily by investing in high performance properties.

Over the years Assured Property Investments has developed hundreds of high yielding investment properties all over Hamilton City. All properties have been constructed by Assured Property Investments’ own building company, Assured Construction Ltd, a registered Master Builder.

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Media Contact:
John Kenel, CEO
Assured Property
07 846 6010

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