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Investing in houses to create CASHFLOW and teaching others how to do it aren’t the only things on “investorpreneur” J. Massey’s TO-DONE list!

April 23, 2014

J. Massey also hosts popular Cash Flow Diary podcasts, has a weekly online "TV" show and wrote a book, Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to CREATING WEALTH in Any Economy! In its pages, the author gives readers an  insider's view of what it takes to become successful as a real estate investor and more.

When J. Massey entered the real estate investing arena, times were tough. The housing market was in slump that hadn't been experienced in 40 years, investors were faced with challenges and homeowners weren't exactly swooping up properties. Massey was experiencing one of the toughest times in his personal life, too. His wife was very ill while pregnant with their youngest child, Massey punctured his lung and couldn't provide for his family, and they were losing their family home. Yet Massey did okay. In his first four months, he had done more than a dozen wholesale transactions, which put him on the path to where he is today as a successful investor, business owner, thought leader, educator and coach. He chuckles when
people ask him what made him choose real estate.

"I didn't plan on becoming a real estate investor," says Massey. "A friend insisted that I would be good at it. I guess he was right, but it's not something that just came naturally. I had a week of very intensive training and I was in a position in my life that pushed me to practice whatever I learned immediately to see if it worked. If it did… great. If it didn't, I needed to be able to ask the instructors questions and get it right. I call it moving at the Speed of Instruction and that is exactly what I have my clients do. I want them to do more deals faster, which means they can't procrastinate, make excuses or let the chaos or naysayers in their lives stop them from going after their goals."

This is the type of honesty that jumps off the pages of Massey's new book. If readers think they're in for a gentle here's-my-life story, they'd better brace themselves. This refreshingly honest look into Massey's mindset and how he had to change it to fit his new goals weaves its way through every chapter.

"While I use humor, I definitely get the point across that those interested in becoming real estate investors can truly replicate my action steps," explains Massey. "I wrote the book in a way that doesn't just tell my story, but rather shares with readers my mistakes and specific personal challenges to let them know that no matter where they are now that they can reach the goal post. Then they'll keep moving the goals further out. We can only start from where we are right now at this minute, and we can make every action count. Even if real estate isn't the goal, readers can apply what they learn from my story and action steps to their business and even their life. If I can inspire even the smallest spark of positive change, I'm happy. If I can move them through their fears and act as a support in their journey, I'm that much happier."

Endorsed by top real estate investors, business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders of today, Cash Flow Diary resonates with a wide range of readers. There is literally something for everyone in the book. The date for the official online book launch party is scheduled for April 29. To learn more and to sign up to receive updates go to While you're there, watch a short video that offers points covered in the book.

Find the author on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! Click the links on the Cash Flow Diary website to stay connected. Contact Sandra Rea at 949.613.2099 to book interviews and speaking appearances.


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